Contenders for début album artwork. What do you think?


  1. Some great photo’s here. I am not surprised to find that there is so much more to you than your YouTube presence!

  2. I was thinking about this the other day: Its a shame that album are has largely been reduced to thumbnail sized picture on a smart phone. Apart from that you have some really good photos there.

    1. This is a real issue. The youth of today does not associate an album with a specific image or colour. Iron Maiden’s Seventh Son of a Seventh Son sounds ‘blue’ to me. Other albums are defined by their artwork. So… two points. 1) Is the ‘album’ relevant anymore at all? 2) Is music better or worse for its disassociation with ‘visuals’?

      Both points worthy of future discussion?

      1. Majorly worth discussion! Very Relivent and I miss it. Some of my favorite art was discovered through album art. I used to stare at Yes’s albums (Roger Dean) while listening to the music…. pre videos on MTV. The words created in my mind a moving picture… I could invision Starship Troopers flying in a Roger Dean inspired Starship landing on planet Close to the Edge. I would just listen to it and look at the album cover. How about that strange dude on the cover of Paranoid? Is that Iron man or the Fairy with Boots? The CD opened the music up to longer and longer songs (without breaks) think Thick as a Brick, but shrunk the album art (it was still there but smaller). About this time the video became the major visual component tot he music. So instead of you creating the word the music “painted” in your mind, it was just handed to you. (Now some videos are great and they compliment the music well, but it is someone else visual.). Now the Art work is just a postage stamp…

        Is it better or worse…. By and large music is worse. I think this is the due to the pressure to sell massive quantities of “down loads.” Not because of the album art, maye the visual art is a casualty along with the music? Music- you play it and its gone…. (I am not talking about replying recording music). A video likewise plays and is over… But the picture/Art is there you can study it…………..

        Rantings off the tope of my head. Peace!

  3. I veer between the pictures. I think “I know, it’s obvious!”… then I think again. I’ve gotta say, when I took that picture through the waterfall in the Guinness factory in Dublin I was SURE it would be the album cover. But then I took that photo of the couple in Philadelphia (on my phone) and I look at that now and think “How can that not be the album cover?”. Hmmmmmm…

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