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  1. Not Suprised. I pay for Amazon & Netflix. I’ll buy a cd from time to time too. I used to buy down loads but I won’t probably won’t very much. Apple pissed me off so bad I will never give them another $ unless I have no choice for something absolutely needed. I don’t have a record player…

    Good points. And go to the doctors. You may need some antibiotics or something. I had an infection two weeks ago. I thought it was a cold, nope. Needed antibiotics, now I am almost all better. Take care of yourself. It’s kind of like the ear plugs. Take care on your ears…

    1. I’m pleased that music exists again in a physical form… but I think record companies are seizing the opportunity to make money. And remember, this is money they lost by not responding to changes in technology. Their lack of input in the early days of streaming helped to bring about the current situation. A situation where very few can make money from recorded music. A shame.

  2. There are few things that are as predictable as the resurgence of vinyl backed up by every argument you can think of to make the consumer believe that they are making a good choice based on sound reasoning, it comes down to money. Every business wants your money, thats ok its the world we have made for ourselves. The company does not matter, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, no one company is any better than the other . So we make a choice and then justify with what ever we can to make aour choices easier to live with, although it does surprise me how often this degenerates into some sort of moral argument. I am happy to pay for music either download or cd, I would not go back to vinyl for pretty much the same reasons I would not go back to film stock and I feel no compulsion to attack those that would go back. Infact I am happy for them and take a positive interest in what they have to say. I have never been interested in streaming music, I have noticed there is a growing tendancy towards subscription based business models with everything that you can think of. There has to be a reason for this, maybe it is do with predicting the value of companies and being able to attract investment or even borrow against that. What is certain is that there will be some financial advantage to it that has little to do with the consumer or in the case of music, the artist. As far as I can tell the answers lie with the “money men” whoever they are, not with the artists or with us the consumers who must look like a bunch of cows being lead to the milking shed by smiling accountants……Oh and get some antibiotics quick before they are no longer effective due to being over subscribed in the quest for profit. Seriously though I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Now, wait a sec… is this a paid push to get music back into selling physically… “resurgence” is the industry pushing through media, the idea that it’s coming back.
    The industry has lost it’s hold on musicians, middlemen cut out of the equation… musicians can produce and export their own music making the “industry” irrelevant. You can make your own dvds to send out to your masses.
    Recalling Michael Schenker getting out of the “industry” after Contraband, he started making albums (DVD’s) and did the marketing through his own website. story goes, he went on a little tour and came back a couple of months and discovered he was rich from people buying his albums directly through him, online.
    He cut out all the middlemen and reaped almost all the profits himself. (not getting $1.05 per sale like usual)
    I’m joking about the $1.05, but it is likely that bad of a cut after middlemen.

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