Saturday Night Take-a-swig


  1. I enjoyed that M, I caught up with it on Sunday morning before and after the Formula One race, so I was a bit out of synch with the drinking, but I gave it a good go !
    I’ve been checking out The Eleventh Hour Initiative, really impressive stuff, some bloody epic tunes, nice work both of you. I think the quality of that album alone is enough for you to justify recording tutorial videos..if anyone wasn’t impressed with the production of that album at least, then they probably shouldn’t be allowed near electricity in the first place.
    Watching channels like Pensado’s place (highly recommendd if you don’t know it), Dave Pensado is someone who’s been at the height of the sound production/engineering business for years, and it’s obvious that he’s still learning, but more importantly, making it up as he goes along a lot of the time..the rules are basicallty whatever one choses to do at that time, so any info you put into a video to that effect, given the quality of the tunes you’ve produced, I’d say was more than valid.
    As far as Van Halen goes, either I just missed it because I was drinking at the time (it was the 80’s, right ?), or it just never got that big here..that sort of overblown commercial rock style IS really an American thing, isn’t it ? I’d guess over here there’d be small pockets of Metallll fans, and within that, small pockets of Van Halen fans.. with the exception of Jump (which I cannot stand), and the solo on that Michael Jackson tune, I couldn’t name or recognise a single other thing by Van Halen… I was quite pleased hearing you mention this on the video, that it’s not just me.
    I dunno what the answer or the key is to large following on youtube..Like yourself, I get great responses to my videos, from the people that watch, so something must be right about them, but I’m still hovering around the 140 subs and 70 views mark (50 % viewer ratio, same as you)… I’ve never been somebody to really push my music/video output, maybe that’s the answer, make sure your vids appear everywhere, that way you can have 50,000 subscribers, most of which will probably never see a single frame..I guess youtube Tags can help, jumping on controversial bandwagons always generate a few views (who said Tonewood ?), but it’s a mystery to me how some channels get regular high views with content I just don’t get why anyone would watch, and often with very dull presentation.. I guess a lot of people will just watch what they watch, because they always do.. I wonder if there’s a tipping point (maybe at 500 subs) at which point things start to snowball…wether it’s a case of gaining that initial momentum.. I think videos everyday seem to help, at least with clicks even if they’re not actual full views..
    I’ve considered doing a live stream for maybe an hour or two at some point, maybe a saturday night drinking session, the sort of thing you’ve done here, but live.. I’m wondering if that’s a better format than the pre-recorded video for this sort of thing, just for the extra excitement of having my 5 viewers getting drunk in real time…as I said, I only caught this vid on sunday morning, (it was still a good watch, but would have been better on saturday night with a bottle of wine on the go). Maybe we should set that up at some point..a live drinking conversation with M6 & robbo….that could be a laugh !
    Right, these beers aren’t gonna buy themselves…to the Co-op.
    Cheers !!

  2. Chmm let’s see… lot of things…

    Valvestates. yes, they were hybrids, valve in the preamp and solid state end. I almost owned one, but thanks to my parents (lending missing amount of money to me) and stupidity of one music store (they confirmed via phone that they have 50W valvestate combo and it wasn’t true when I arrived there) I got its full valve brother DSL 401 that I still have.

    I haven’t never got with unplugged guitar throught gig, but I was always the only guitarist in the band and hardcorepunk without guitar sounds so wrong that it would be like going out barefoot in -15°C (quite hard to not notice). But as lead “singer” and guitarist in my first band I got through about third of a gig with microphone not working and didn’t even notice it.

    shmootik… well it’s not entirely made up, at least not by me. It’s distorted form of my real last name, which wouldn’t give you any easier time with pronounciation… even if you’d speak check… at least many many many people failed at that already. I’m not sure why, it’s not common name, but it doesn’t contain any uncommon sounds for czech. Anyway, here little uncloak about who shmoo(s)ti(c)k, [ shmoodick? not sexualy 😀 ] except Explosive notes channel that you already know M6.
    published music (most of it):
    graphics, photos stuff:
    Vojta is short friend form of Vojtěch which is my real first name (matthew => matt… same principle)

    Amount of subs, views… I have some ideas how you might be able to get bigger numbers, but wouldn’t like them, I wouldn’t like them… I definitely don¨t practise them. Explosive Notes have 13 subs, which is perfectly fine with me. I’m more comfortable with small group of people that actualy care and my YT presence is very low prio for me now anyway. Sooo no help there unless you want to start something digusting like reaction channel… and even that “market” might be already saturated.

    I’m forgeting something… aaah EVH… let me step outside of the usual respectful myslf for a moment: fuck Van Halen 😀

    For people like Steve Vai, Satriany I can say I find interviews with them interesting even as they are able to bore me to death within few phrases of their music. Van Halen? nope, nothing for me. Only positive thing related to EVh to me is . I have no clue about popularuty of EVH in then CSSR, I either wasn’t born yet or was little kid with different things to worry about and van halen could kiss my ass… wait the last part haven’t change 😀 I first noticed that van halen isn’t somekind of dutch swear word and it has something to do with music, in… 2005 +- 2 years, so probably nothing special famewise here either.

  3. still not… there’s something in my comment that the posting or database script can’t handle… even when I removed all suspicious stuff I saw. ě

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