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  1. Watched episode 10 on Sunday, I rarely get the time on Saturdays and I enjoyed it as always but it did leave me thinking that you are a little disillusioned by it all. Lets be clear I am probably the last person to fully understand these things but I did expect you to have a higher hit rate by now. I still think perseverance is a big factor in gaining the audience that I think you are after so I would encourage you on to greater things. It was not until I took a back seat that I realised how much time I was spending on you tube and how counter productive it had become for me personally in such a short space of time. In all honesty I am not sure what I was looking for, perhaps the idea of a video based form of social media was appealing to me. Unfortunately most of it I found to be quite disingenuous which undermined any feeling of community. Of course there are notable exceptions but it is sometimes hard to see the tonewood for the trees! As for the general standard of content, when one compares it to other forms of entertainment….. Well to be blunt most of it is quite mediocre at best and I think one of the main reasons some folk subject themselves to such uninspired viewing is a sense of belonging and loyalty…. Oh and people love the power of being able to comment and hit the almighty thumb. Ha ha I do love the thumbs up and I am quite proud to have never hit the thumbs down despite a real urge to at times! I think our society is losing the traditional filters that enabled the few often more considered views precedence. Now for good or bad it seems everyone has a voice and we find ourselves living in the city of Babel where little is distinguishable from the rattle of empty heads. That was an unintended digression/rant and despite the fact that if you were to take what I have just written at face value you could be forgiven for thinking I have nothing good to say about youtube which would be misleading. I think you have something about you that is a cut above your contemporaries and it would be a real shame if you fail to find your place out there. It is with that thought in mind that I say persevere in your quest for whatever it is you are after, but stay kind to yourself and those around you. : )

    1. I agree with every word you have written. I would go so far as to say there is too much of everything out there. Too much music and too many opinions. I am definitely running out of steam. But, who knows? Who knows anything? Ha ha! I’m watching the movie ‘Network’ right now. Seems fitting! Oh, and I think I’ll post a Tonewood video onto YouTube in a minute. Why not? Ha ha!

      1. I have watched your guitar tone video and a few things have occurred to me, firstly what a welcome return to the cupboard. I have to say you are at your best when you pick a topic and shoot from the hip, yes I am aware that there may be some editing but it is a relatively easy way to carve a niche on youtube and if you feel the need to expand creatively in terms of video production again it is easy to do. Dare I say I prefer it to the Saturday Show. I have to chuckle about the whole “guitar tone” issue, it’s such a subjective thing and you are right in that most people do not care as much as the fanatics want them too…. That always leads to trouble as far as zealots of any persuasion are concerned… “you don’t listen properly”, “you don’t understand” , “You are stupid”… when repeated often enough these are all statements that feed ones own ego. I have made a few guitars now and all I would say is that the construction makes a noticeable difference, at least to me( hollow body, solid body etc ). The type of material has less impact unless it is drastically different, as far as I am concerned the biggest difference is mostly down to the player, electrics and amp/effects. If you want a new guitar take the time to travel to a dealer and try a few out, if possible using the same amp you would normally use and even then there are variations due to the venue. This is just common sense and it does not require sound equipment that is more sensitive than human hearing (which is variable anyway) to prove a point. Don’t pay too much attention to reviews, I have read and listened to so many people on youtube that come across as very knowledgeable only to latter find out that they can’t even play a bloody guitar but still put out the most horrendous “sound demo’s” of badly strummed chords whilst claiming that to play something musical would somehow be misleading. don’t misunderstand me I am not suggesting that it is necessary to be a great player but a modicum of competence is a good thing and at the other end of the scale we have to be aware that anyone selling kit has a vested interest in profit and possibly even giving slow moving stock a hand. I hate to go on but there is also the point that youtube is not the best when it comes to sound. I watched a video recently about recreating a 50’s style studio and what the sound engineer, who most of the time works in a modern studio, had to say was very interesting:
        Ha ha I hope I have not bored you too much! : )

        1. Link not working!!! the channel is called “sound on sound magazine” if you are interested : )

        2. Very good points. I will watch the video too. Thank you! I will upload a new pedal review soon which touches upon your ‘badly strummed chords’ comment! Ha ha! And soon I will unleash the new songs/film. Quite timely as I just watched the new Blade Runner movie trailer today.

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