I forgot I had a website!

So I can type stuff here that no-one will read? Probably. Sitting here typing on my phone whilst watching Richard Dwyer talking about true crime on the TV. YouTube cast to the TV. The wonders of technology. Perhaps not so wonderful after all as I kind of lose my life to this nonsense. I used to achieve things. Accomplishments. Now I just faff on social media.

I forgot I had a website. Everyone’s obsessed with social media comment sections… I can sneak here and type what I like, kinda like talking to myself.

I recently published a video review of an album which caused an interesting series of comments. One person in particular selected my video as a place to fan-worship his favourite band, the band I had reviewed. He decided to do this by slagging off bands that I like. I picked him up on this. Basically called him an idiot to his (anonymous) face. He didn’t apologise. So I filmed a whole video aimed at him and his fanboy stupidity. And you know what happens? He comments on THAT video with the same vitriol. He obviously didn’t watch it. I hate that. People who comment on YouTube videos without watching them. Holy shit that winds me up! Ha ha! 🙂 Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson. I will not respond. I will not respond. /unless I respond… in which case, hold my coat.

This has been a ramble like no other! Ha ha! A test of the site app if nothing else! Oh… and if you haven’t seen it already you must watch the Bros documentary “After the screaming stops”. Fantastic television. I’ve watched it three times now over the past few weeks. It’s on YouTube. Hang on, I’ll post the link. You won’t regret it!!! I forgot I had a website!


  1. Ahhh yes but as I’m a Mercurial Mercenary I get email updates 😎 I too have seen the Bros documentary. A strange documentary it is too, so much talent wasted on possibly two of the most self obsessed and self destructing individuals I have ever seen. Money does not buy happiness it seems 😞 as for everything else mate, well, that’s the internet for you. It sadly all went wrong when everyone could use it and not just those of us who engage in polite conversation. Good or bad we are stuck with it and it’s why I choose to keep a reasonably low profile on The Tube and BookFace. Talking of technology, I’m on my phone again because Windows 10 has spent all day updating itself….great, that’s obviously a technological revolution! Has Brexit happened yet? someone hinted that today might be quite important? Oh well, I supposed I better be off to stockpile toilet rolls and cans of soup 😁

    1. A history making defeat for the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. So that was a useful 2 years spent by countless politicians wasting countless money. Honestly, we might have been better off putting Bros in charge of the negotiations!

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