Genesis – Selling England by the Pound


A reaction to the Genesis album ‘Selling England by the Pound’.

Fair use… or ‘fair dealing’. The definition of fair dealing will always be a matter of fact, degree and impression. Does my video affect the market for the original work? No. No-one can ‘use’ my video as a direct replacement for the original work. It is not a substitute for it and it will not cause the owner to lose revenue. In fact it will likely increase revenue due to my ‘promotion’ of said work. Many have already stated they will buy albums due to my recommendations.

Is the amount of the original work I have used reasonable and appropriate? Was it necessary to use the amount taken? ‘Reasonable’ is definitely subject to interpretation. I would argue that it is indeed appropriate to use the whole album when I am ‘reacting’ to the entire album. My reaction necessitates that I use the whole work. Where it is necessary to ‘copy’ all of a work for the purposes of criticism or review you have to sufficiently acknowledge the work. I do this every step of the way. At no point will anyone be under the impression that I created the original work! Furthermore, my additions to the original work are transformative in nature.

That’s the UK law. That’s where I stand.


  1. That was unique…. Oh and that Zeppelin reunion disaster….brought to you by Jimmy Page and every possible drug he could ingest that day. And he blames Phil Collins!! Phil said he would have ditched after a few notes but he feared that would have become the whole story. The other drummer is NEVER mentioned and left no room for Phil. It was a disaster no doubt but Zeppelin owned that mess and basically presented one long moist fart in the faces of all their dedicated followers. Anyways…..Selling England by the Pound typically gets rated in the top 5 prog albums of all time not that those rankings mean shat. I’m a big fan but Foxtrot and the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway are very much excellence for the Prog folk. Jeff Wayne’s Musical shout out absolutely! Best road trip album to share with me kids especially during the night long distance journeys. Original Jesus Christ Superstar album with Deep Purple’s ian Gillan would be another definite listen if you hadn’t tried it yet. Definitely not in the religious bin. Ok away i go. Oh shit, must be perception thing but I never got a bad vibe from Phil’s interviews and many of those interviiews were complete bullshit. honestly feel sorry for the abuse he took (course he’s filthy rich so all is not lost).

    Great fun with your show, many laughs, next up Trespass.

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