Genesis – Foxtrot

A reaction to the Genesis album ‘Foxtrot’.

Fair use… or ‘fair dealing’. The definition of fair dealing will always be a matter of fact, degree and impression. Does my video affect the market for the original work? No. No-one can ‘use’ my video as a direct replacement for the original work. It is not a substitute for it and it will not cause the owner to lose revenue. In fact it will likely increase revenue due to my ‘promotion’ of said work. Many have already stated they will buy albums due to my recommendations.

Is the amount of the original work I have used reasonable and appropriate? Was it necessary to use the amount taken? ‘Reasonable’ is definitely subject to interpretation. I would argue that it is indeed appropriate to use the whole album when I am ‘reacting’ to the entire album. My reaction necessitates that I use the whole work. Where it is necessary to ‘copy’ all of a work for the purposes of criticism or review you have to sufficiently acknowledge the work. I do this every step of the way. At no point will anyone be under the impression that I created the original work! Furthermore, my additions to the original work are transformative in nature.

That’s the UK law. That’s where I stand.


  1. That’s one crunchy album. If you are curious enough cramk a quality version of this same song from their live Second’s Out album where Phil has a go at it. Not necessarily better but really really good.

    1. Was this the ‘dirty’ album? Such a shame… I should have cleaned it first! I recently cleaned an old album from 71 and it came up beautifully! I hadn’t got into the cleaning frame of mind here! When it comes to this album I think it might be, in hindsight, my favourite Genesis album. Maybe. Maybe.

  2. have a question. how do you know all the vocal inflections when you sing along on first listen?

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