Don Toliver – Life of a Don

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Join me as I ‘react’ to Don Toliver’s album, ‘Life of a Don’.

Let’s look at ‘fair use’… or ‘fair dealing’ as it is discussed in UK law with regards to a ‘reaction video’. First, let’s be fair here… the whole notion of a ‘reaction video’ is a relatively new concept and it is difficult for law-makers to evolve rules written for previous media. The definition of fair dealing will always be a matter of fact, degree and impression. Let’s examine the specific rules in UK law:

  1. Does my video affect the market for the original work? No. I talk over the music therefore no-one can ‘use’ my video as a direct replacement for the original work. It is not a substitute for it and it will not cause the owner to lose revenue. In fact it will likely increase revenue due to my ‘promotion’ of said work. Many have already stated they will buy albums due to my recommendations.
  2. Is the amount of the original work I have used reasonable and appropriate? Was it necessary to use the amount taken? ‘Reasonable’ is definitely subject to interpretation. I would argue that it is indeed appropriate to use the whole album when I am ‘reacting’ to the entire album. My reaction necessitates that I use the whole work. I am making comment on every aspect of the production from beginning to end. My videos constitute a thorough examination of the original work.
  3. Where it is necessary to ‘copy’ all of a work for the purposes of criticism or review you have to sufficiently acknowledge the work. I do this every step of the way. At no point will anyone be under the impression that I created the original work!

Furthermore, my additions to the original work are transformative in nature. My ‘voice-over’ transforms the audio into a critique which includes the original work but is now completely different from the original work. The visuals are intended to compliment the original work. The end result is a companion piece to the original work – a critique, reaction and review which would have been impossible in the era of the written word


  1. Hey mercurial #6. I wanted to say that’s you’re amazing and a true genius! You truly understand music at it’s core and how we are suppose to digest music. I love your reviews of all various genres. I love how pure your videos are and your reviews are so fun to watch as you, on the fly, express yourself through the music. You are a very clever and funny individual and I have to say on behalf of everyone else that feels this way…change nothing on your reviews I love the covers you do and your unique style. I fully support the message that you send that music shouldn’t be analyzed by lyrics so deeply and music should make you feel something and focus on the sounds and how it makes you feel. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING FOR ANYBODY WE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS EXACTLY HOW THEY ARE! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WE LOVE YOUU!!! YOUR REVIEWS ARE EXACTLY WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS.

    Thank you! Also if we can get a college drop out 808s and heartbreaks, graduation, and jesus is king reviews that would be awesome! Your Kanye west reviews are some of my favorite videos on YouTube his discography is great played in order you see the evolution of his music and it’s amazing.

    1. Maaan you said everything that I feel and couldn’t express it because of my mediocre English. Thank you very much. And LOVE YOU MERCURIAL.

  2. Not everyone appreciates what you do but there’s a small niche (myself including) who truly love your content for what it is, keep creating 6, and keep doing you.

  3. I appreciate you too! I always put everything aside when there’s a new Mercurial video.

    And don’t let the cave-dwellers in the comments get you down, I like your content because you’re true to yourself and how you like to experience the music.

  4. I always look forward to your reviews because of your unique reactions and comments throughout them. Continue on and keep doing you.

  5. good stuff brotha!! i found your channel through your original dis-covers like tame impala and king gizz, and i continue to go back to those videos when i want to relax and appreciate those records. the editing style and long winded segments of banter in those videos are what made me fall in love with mercurial number six. and while the quality of your production has grown tremendously, the content remains just as authentic and i am an even bigger fan today. so just keep in mind that everyone is going to want different styles of content, and it is impossible to please everyone, so it’s most important to just do what makes the most sense for you!

  6. Great reaction as ever! Got me to watch the whole video on an album I otherwise wasn’t too keen on; your power! I’m sure everyone says this but I really have no interest in reaction YouTubers in general, yet you are consistently my favourite creator I follow. I feel you’re the only one who really “gets” the point of a reaction: to enjoy and appreciate something while also adding your own thoughts and valuable insights. So many great points made here too about just liking music and not worrying about it if it’s acclaimed to enough to like… appreciate your work ethic! Especially given this is all pro-bono haha, rock on!

  7. Just watched a guy look at Genius the whole time while reacting to one of my favourite albums. Just makes me appreciate your style of reaction even more. Experience the sound of the music first and foremost, join in if you feel the music is inviting you to, and make up your own lyrics (you can always read Genius later). Just fucking be yourself man.

    Do me a favour THEMERCURIALNUMBERSIX, don’t change!


  8. Well since on this video you were shown a lot of love wanted to say I appreciate your content and personality a lot too !!! I just wish people would watch even when you’re not reacting to hip hop but eh it is what it is.

    1. I find it strange too… cause I’m just messing around and talking bollocks. It shouldn’t matter what the music is in the background. Unless of course people are only interested in the music. Which is obviously the case!

  9. Your reactions make you who you are! Love your vids and will continue to watch them. Love the entertainment you bring:)

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