First Lemmy, then Bowie. It is the worst of times. I appreciated Motorhead, but Bowie was a catastrophic loss. One of the innovators. Perhaps ‘the’ innovator? In terms of sheer expression of thought and joy de vivre Bowie was the greatest. His loss has caused notable depreciation of the planet Earth’s assets. You can almost feel the imbalance.

And right now, as I type… Alan Rickman is gone. The greatest bad guy in movie history? Today is not the day to make those kind of considerations. Today is the day to realise, if you hadn’t before, that you have to seize the moment. I am the first to admit I struggle to make use of my time. Days speed by and I accomplish nothing. However, a glance at those I admire leaves me aghast at the possibilities available to every one of us. Bowie appeared to live each day as if it were his last. Bruce Dickinson is an airline pilot, a novelist, a radio DJ, a solo artist and in his spare time he sings for the biggest heavy metal band in the world. These people, yes, I admit, are not necessarily the norm… but they are an inspiration to all.

Or at least they should be. I need to re-read this post every day and remember what it means to be alive. If you choose to watch Louis Theroux on the TV and eat a Pot Noodle then that is fine. If it’s your choice. But never underestimate how much others accomplish in the same number of hours available to every human being who has ever lived. Some are more privileged. Some were born with more confidence. Some just have ‘it’. But there is something for us all. Now, to watch Die Hard. Oh, yeah, that’s right… it’s not on Netflix. Oh well, I’ll stick with Louis Theroux and his documentary about gambling in Vegas. And I fancy a Pot Noodle.


  1. Good article and well worth taking on board. Never fear there is a never ending supply of talent out there. Every generation has its “stars” and innovators. This will not end although prevailing culture and fashion as always will play a big part in what is considered great or mundane and most people will be trapped by the cage built by their generation. I don’t think Bowie could ever be confined by such a cage, for me that is his legacy.

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