So you like to watch old comedies?

How aware are you of Hancock’s Half Hour? What started life as a BBC radio show in the 50s ended as the most popular show of its era in the 60s. Hancock’s Half Hour is a majestic comedy with an interesting history. Hancock himself was a complex character and one of my all-time comedy heroes. Would you like to hear more about this amazing show?


  1. our Canadian money system is slightly less complicated but interesting as well…
    Penny, Nickle (5 pennies), Dime (10 pennies), Quarter (25 pennies aka 2-bits), Dollar (100 pennies)
    Paper: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000
    We first started losing our 2 dollar bill. but only in some provinces.
    Then the $1 bill became a $1 coin… the Loonie (had a Loon on it, a bird)
    Then our $2 bill was replaced by the $2 coin called a Toonie
    Then our pennies… vanished… pennipocalypse… you can’t even get them for change now, you get ripped off to the nearest nickle.
    All our paper money is now plastic and melts if you put it on your dashboard.

    1. Money is a topic worthy of more videos. There’s the psychological aspect… the con that £1.99 appears significantly cheaper than £2.00. And there’s the fact you mention, that everything is being rounded up. A penny on the ground isn’t worth the wear and tear on your back to pick up.

      And… the big question. How much longer are we going to have money? Physical notes and coins? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? I think it’s safe to say that future generations will be bewildered by our use of metal discs and rectangles of paper/plastic!

  2. You know… it took me years before I started using an ATM card, it wasn’t until some stores made it really inconvenient (like gas stations) that I make the switch…. the good thing was I missed that era where the banks were charging for each transaction. Nowadays it’s just a monthly fee.
    Isn’t it also interesting to see that both Banks and gas stations have drastically changed since the 1970’s
    You can no longer save money in you bank account… it gets eaten away with fees and charges, more than your interest can possibly make.
    And gas stations used to wash your windows, inflate tires, check your oil… I shit you not, I have to pay loonies and toonies for air for my tires!
    I educate my kids on this, they would otherwise be unaware of how drastic things have changed in a small span of 40 years… and how things have changed in just the last 15 is mindblowing.

    On as side note, I use Artisteer (I bought the program a while back for my own site that also uses wordpress) if you need to change your site style (or give your viewers more style choices) Let me know. (no no charge bro) I think you have a great show on youtube, and you really deserve more viewer 🙂

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