RIP another God-like-genius.

Just a short post to acknowledge the death of Sir George Martin. I woke up this morning to the sound of my radio alarm telling me that the legend had bid farewell. I won’t beat around the bush here… the Beatles, and George Martin, were probably the greatest collection of people ever to inflict ‘songs’ upon me. Songs. I will write more about the greatest producer of them all in the fullness of time. (I almost typed ‘arguably’ in that last sentence… but I didn’t.)

On a side-note… I am almost at the point where I could make a return to video. A comeback? I’m not sure anyone missed me. //violins. Ha ha! There’s almost a whole orchestra gathered around me at the moment! (Playing stabbing, frantic notes. Good looking women. Angelic clothing. Neon lit instruments. Hmmmm… Writing the words of a post that no one will hear. No one comes near.)



  1. I agree completely with your assesment of Martin, and sitting here thinking about his work, it’s hitting me as to just how big an influence he has been on my journey through music. Sgt Pepper was the first and only album we had at home when I was a toddler, and I was obsessed with it. Coming off a weekend of mixing and producing more tunes for the Blaising Chaos album, I’m wondering just what would be left of our sound if it wasn’t for Martin’s trail-blazing approach. We’re thinking nothing of crossing genres, or including full orchestrations, or having complete mood and scene changes form song to song, or even within a single song. This is all Sgt. Pepper’s fault…that album is my Ground Zero, the one by which everything else is judged..not a bad place to start !
    Hope you get well soon mate, look forward to seeing something new from you.

    1. I like the idea of a Beatles album as ‘Ground Zero’. I know exactly what you mean. Perhaps every music maker has a collection of albums that both inspire and infuriate? Sounds that you can only hope to touch with an outstretched finger? Sgt. Pepper is almost perfect. As a band, the Beatles created probably more almost perfect albums than anyone. Except One Direction.

  2. I don’t think it is possible to overstate the impact of the Beatles and George Martin on music, every aspect of music. Truly diverse and innovative in both content and creation of that content, even if you disliked them and their music it would still be possible to learn from their approach to the whole process. Creative genius is such a rare thing.

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