Facebook Scammers – Why are so many people sucked in?


  1. I recorded this video after getting a little pissed off by the continual stream of similar shite in my Facebook feed. These ‘posts’ do what is known as ‘like-farming’. They hook people in and gain lots of likes and comments, hence increasing the popularity/income/whatever of the originating ‘channel’. What’s worse is that some of these posts are even more malicious. And people fall for them. Like I say, people who I love fall for them. In the long term it’s a tad worrying.
    Posts such as: What’s your porn/Star Wars/etc name? Use the name of your first pet, then your mother’s maiden name, and then the place you were born. And millions of people post the likes of
    “Poppy Lestrade Skegness” or whatever,
    and all ‘have a laugh’.
    Well done everybody… you’ve just given the perpetrator access to the most common ‘internet/telephone banking question/answers’. Slow hand clap.
    I saw another one just the other day:
    “How time flies? How old will YOU be in 2020?!?”
    And everyone’s happily posting and commenting on how time has crept up on them and reminiscing on school days etc.
    And you’ve just given everyone your year of birth.
    Slow hand clap.
    Like this post.
    Share this post.
    Comment on this post.
    Yes. And in that way, these piece of shit, scumbag, insincere and at worst, highly illegal posts become the most popular ‘social media’ sites in the world. Funding terrorism? Maybe. Probably. Or is that scare-mongering on my part?

  2. Maybe to get M6 to the heights you want, you gotta post mindless pockchops around your neck like this farming method… it’s what we had to do to get the family dog to play with my sister…. just sayin”…

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