What defines you?


  1. “Don’t have time” may just be a conceited way of saying no to something and in my mind ranks along side the whingers favourite phrase “I’m bored now”, although there are times…. There are so many other things of interest to ask a person than “what do you do for a living” and in most case’s the answer to that question certainly does not define a person unless that is all they are and it is how they want you to see them. The witness that saw the space ship and was probed by the little green aliens was a policeman or a doctor has no more credibility than the same story from a part-time armpit sniffer. I have enjoyed your cyber-persona and I certainly hope that you do not retire just yet. I await the new album with interest.

  2. Retire? from what exactly? M6 channel or somethng else also? why?

    EasyWill… I tend to agree and disagree with him in the rate of about 50/50. The last one about identity etc. I agree with him that forced integration is socialy unproducive. For example we have vietnameese and chineese minority here and there are no problem with them. They are culturarly compatible, but I don’t see the same thing happening with people who wear towel on head, poison dogs and tend to blow up if you don’t like their imaginary friend. I have problem with people who poison dogs and blow up from time to time and it doesn’t matter if the were towel on head or not.

    “What do you do for living” in quizes and elsewhere. I agree it’s sort of pointless shallow question when it comes to its content, but it has it’s purpose. It’s basicaly signal that the host won’t eat/attack the contestant. Just comunication on animal level of our brains and it mostlikley lowers the stress level in contestant. However, I as viewer don’t care if contestatnt is comfortble or not 😀
    Whole “Jack Cock, The Plumber” is just data pointer/label and I don’t think that many people take it as what describes them. Just shorter version of “that hairy ginger guy with glasses and surprisingly white teeth” Also it’s not very personal info so almost nobody mind revealing that. Imagine the quiz show where host would ask contestants “What’s your name? How often do you masturbate? how many sexual partners did you have? do you like anal stimulation?”… I don’t think it would work well.

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