Brexit for Breakfast.


  1. I’m slightly surprised that on the morning of “Brexit” I have sat here and watched the whole 1:04:42 of this video. Just as I am slightly surprised by our exit from the common market, the name was only changed for PR reasons anyway so I will stick with the first edition. But I do enjoy listening, thinking about what has been said and responding if I feel it is appropriate. The only time that does not apply is when I am told what to think or expected to be in some sort of gang (I am not talking about Europe here), you see I hate that childish “if you are not with us” whine that is all to common and so untrue. I am glad that you seem to be coming to peace with your channel and how it is developing, I think that this could be a starting point for you in terms of what content you create in the future. As for G+ verses FB I have no idea either way I just ended up on G+ because it was there along with YT and don’t really want to spend the time and effort on even more social media, it already takes enough of my time. On the whole I have to say that it has more going for it than against, although my approach is a personal one and there is no other agenda. So I have nothing to gain other than being exposed to new ideas and in my case a small number of interesting people, the popularity game is not mine, but I do understand why it is important to some and I do not belittle the desire to be loved or “successful” in any way so long as it does not become the measure by which a person’s worth is judged. I have not blocked anyone or even given a thumbs down, not because I am nice or anything like that, I just do not think that way. Although I did change my channel and moved away from the source of much that seemed to attract more negative consequences than I was happy with, I even had to change my email to put a stop to some of the stupidity and hey presto I have been trouble free ever since. It’s a strange world and social media just reflects that in all its forms. I am not one for hangout’s but if that is “what floats your boat” then go for it, as for watching a hangout, well lets just leave that one hanging. As I have said I enjoy your “cyber persona” very much and you do draw these rather long winded but for me quite analeptic responses, when in most other scenarios I have just walked away shaking my head wondering what on earth is wrong with us all…….Oh and I love rhubarb, I grow lots of it. 🙂

    1. So… we have indeed brexited. Like I’ve said, I think it’s best to steer clear of politics on here, but I am a little miffed. Listening to Radio Five I just heard someone say “I don’t care about the rest of the world, I have no intention of ever leaving this town”. I think that was always a problem for the pro-europeans. But, anyway, I’m in danger of straying into a minefield! Ha ha! Thanks for watching, although I feel I may have just monumentally wasted your time!!!

  2. Email linked to YT chanell can be changed. G+ is facebook for people that are alergic to blue and facebook is poor replacement for ICQ with flawor of dating site. Eb society (I don’t mean SLAYER) as founed in times when it wasn’t let’s say “so obvious”… or at least photos of Globe didn’t existed… and that’s why I don’t share your belief that it originated as intelectual joke. On other hand I’m not aware of some hard reason why it couldn’t be. Therefore I don’t have belief in either way about intelectual jokeness of origins of Flat Earth Society… Fortunately to me it doesn’t matter to me because I find the current breed of Flat Earthers incredibly annoying. If I’d try to describe us “Faithful few” with the limited knowledge about other I’d say we’re inteligent, almost imposible to describe each of us with simple label or labels, we have sense of humor and we like music. To touch upon of EU. WARNING INSANELY SUBJECTIVE OPINION The idea of union would be very useful if done right, but it doesn’t look done right tome currently, however if it’s worth leaving EU is different question which fortunately I don’t have to answer at the moment. There’s chance that brexit referendum will be followed by “czechout” referendum, but not in near future and I don’t really want to put energy into thinking about that till then.

  3. Both of my grandmothers made the best rhubarb pie when they were alive. They both grew it as well and that was one of the few fruits/vegetables that wasn’t advisable to just go to the garden pick it and eat it. Prepared though with lots of sugar it is delicious and totally unique, as far as I know anyway. I usually find it tough to comment on these long videos because while they are incredibly interesting and I love them so many things are covered that i’d have to take notes along the way to remember my thoughts on a given topic from the beginning or middle to leave a proper comment. :} This time I remember rhubarb, new album and flat earth. As far as your music goes I do look forward to listening to it and like you I used to love any information about bands and the processes they used to make music. Before the internet it was rare to see any video of band rehersals or see what it was like in a studio and I really wanted to see those things but we couldn’t. I would order vhs bootleg videos from the back of magazines because I honestly prefer live performances in most cases to album versions especially when the band changes things from show to show. I was never the guy who wanted to hear a note for note reproduction of a song at a live show, where is the excitement in that? The flat earth thing I thought had to be a joke but you may be right that people do believe it to be true. If you do decide to make a video of that it may tell us, or at least give us a clue if people genuinely believe but obviously you would be setting yourself up for the asses to be themselves. If you’re up for that it would be entertaining for sure. I don’t know anything about what it actually means that England separated from Europe so I have no right to say anything about that. Take care Mr. 6 best wishes.

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