The idiots make me smile!

Ha! I didn’t realise, but it seems many people are posting abusive comments on YouTube videos blindly unaware that no sod can read them! Ha ha! That is brilliant! I must admit, I was unaware of this myself until recently. You think the trolls have gone but it turns out they’re still there, typing away like the dumb detritus they are, completely oblivious to the fact that they have been blocked! I love this! Ha ha! It brightens my day! Keep typing you idiots! Keep creating your sock accounts! Keep them coming! Ha ha! Genuine smile! 🙂

/There was going to be a purpose to this post… but I got carried away with juvenile and slightly villainous laughter! Ha ha!


  1. I thought I knew who the likely suspects might be but the truth is I don’t. It gets more and more silly by the day, subs seem to come and go but now the comment section on my channel is set so I have to approve comments before they are published which is ok when you only have a few to deal with. The new You tube interface seems terribly glitchy which makes it harder for me to keep track although I have noticed someone calling himself “Wet Willy’s Wally’s” on what I can see of my subs list. I will finish my little Jack the Ripper vids because I am enjoying them but after that I will have to think about what is going on. It’s starting to get very tiresome, which is a real shame.

    1. I can identify people by their writing style. It disappoints me, but, honestly, I rarely see what they type! Only when they set up a new account. So strange that they’re doing this sock thing. These are people who purport to be busy business types! Ha ha!
      And I shall reserve time to watch your latest properly tomorrow! You have to keep going. You’re a class act!

      1. It’s beyond me, I can only think that there is some mental imbalance. I would hate to think that “normal” people could be so unpleasant. Thanks Mr 6, if you do watch Act three watch out for the shop sign at approx’ 2:08. Should make you smile : )

    1. Interesting. It seems that there is just a shit load of dishonesty out there. People enjoy creating chaos! I tend to start from a position of disbelief and need to be convinced from there. The whole ‘subs’ thing is questionable isn’t it. Do you really believe the 30,000 subs and a handful of views per video? It could be valid but it appears dodgy. But then everything appears dodgy to me. Unless I can touch it. Ha ha! 20,000 subs. 100,000 subs. The trouble is that people do (and I include myself here) judge a channel on the number of subs. If they can be bought then what’s the bloody point? But I understand where you’re coming from. You also can’t take anyone’s word for anything as everything can be faked. Allegations can destroy someone’s character yet be completely unsubstantiated. Unless I can touch it. Or smell it. And I know my own nose!

      1. Subs can be bought, views can be bought, written private conversations can be faked for the purpose of forged evidence to be served to general public. I don’t know or realy care if Leafy botted his way up. I don’t know how much have you paid attention to the “community” shitshow, but the point was that mediocre webdeveveloper can fake all El mob’s evidence in 30 minutes, or maybe less… “It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for ya” – Geroge Carlin…

        encounter… with an asshole? … I think I want to say, I’m glad you don’t allow keyboard warriors to realy bring you down.

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