The Empowerment of the Idiots

So the second TEHI album is out there, blinking in the dull light of a new world. I created the Mercurial Number Six YouTube channel in an effort to promote any music I might make. The success of ‘The Only Way Out is Through’ is therefore intrinsically tied to the success of the YouTube channel. I got a little carried away with the channel and began to believe that creating videos might be as worthy a use of my time as making music. That may indeed still be the case… I’m honestly not sure. I enjoy making videos and genuinely think I have something to offer, but my thinking does not necessarily tally with the public’s thinking! So I’m retreating. I’ll spend a while here in text form. I’m not retiring. I’m merely sleeping. 🙂

Anyway, blimey some people are idiots! So I post approximately 6 hours of footage discussing the 2016 Mercury Music Prize, videos that I spent an eternity editing to at least vaguely resemble a professional product. I then post a short clip reminding people that these review videos exist. And then some complete spud has the nerve to post on that video “unsubbing, focus on content that has value”. Let’s just say that I still haven’t calmed down. Ha ha! If he hadn’t unsubbed I would have blocked him anyway. In fact I have blocked him anyway! Arrrggggghhh!!! Really? After 6 hours of content?!? If he had made that comment to my face I would have have pummelled him into the ground with my two little fingers. There’s no real point to this tirade other than to stress again how far self-entitlement has progressed in our society. I feel I may return to this subject again and again. Variations on a theme! Safe to say, I can understand why some people disable the comments on their videos!

I have unsubbed from a lot of people myself recently. There has been an onslaught of fake accounts and ignorant comments on YouTube. People are playing a game. A race to be the first. The first person to reach the lowest common denominator. I have widened my scope with YouTube and whereas in the beginning I valued the power of the individual to broadcast to the world, I now primarily appreciate those that choose to produce videos that genuinely make some kind of difference. People need to focus on content that has value! Ha ha!


  1. It is a shame that your videos and your music, that have more to offer in many ways than most people on you tube, gets overshadowed by inconsequential crap. I admit I do try to focus on, and be encouraging about, the good things people are doing rather than taking the easy route and shitting them for what is obviously wrong so it may take some of the meaning out of a positive comment but the difference is clear in the effort you put into your work and it is appreciated. Cheers and best wishes Mr. 6!

    1. Cheers mate! I have no problem with negative comments. I’m just not one for leaving them myself therefore I find it hard to get into the mindset of those who do! And there is a difference between a negative comment and the spoutings of a shithead!

  2. Number Six, YouTube can be a glorious place – but it is indeed filled with many who feel the need to critique ever last thing. For some bizarre reason the kind of idiots that pour negativity over everything we do feel the need to do it with such fevered ferocity, like a pack of rabid dogs. Those kind of people construct little to society other than to remove vital oxygen so that we may breath on a daily basis. Still, there is hope yet that such vile creatures may one day find in it themselves to be more positive about our online content. Until then I shall treat them like the morons they are by removing them from my personal space 😀You’ve put out a huge amount of content recently and I apologise for being slow to show my support. However I am currently working my way through your great videos where time allows and hope to catch up with you soon online. All the best buddy 😎

  3. Well, what can I say other than I agree and I like to think that you can understand my perspective in the same way I think I understand yours. You Tube and some of the attitudes that seem to overwhelm reason like a tsunami of malcontent have left me bemused almost from the outset and wondering why I bother trying to understand. The truth is that despite the obvious trauma incurred by exposure to such absurdity (I am trying not be judgemental here) there have been more than a few moments that have compensated somewhat and I have enjoyed contact with people outside of my own small experience. I distanced myself some time ago and to be honest I really don’t know who is sincere and who is not. There are many times when I have come close to turning my back and walking away, but instead I “widened my scope” just as you suggest. There is something for every taste on You Tube, I unsubscribed from quite a few and paid the price of not being part of the “community”, which is fine, I have always done things my own way (sadly it’s often the wrong way). I have enjoyed your videos, music and this blog and have commented on all three. I have learned a lot from you and I hope we continue to have contact in the future, you are one of the very few that I never had any doubts about. Whatever you decide to do in the future I wish you much success and perhaps more importantly happiness : )

    1. I watched the tonewood wars with interest. Tonewood was a subject I had never before considered and attempts from both ‘sides’ to explain the science were fascinating. That it descended into farce only served to heighten the enjoyment. The macabre thrill of the casual observer. When it was decided by all concerned that wood probably did make a difference, that ‘community’ (and I use the term extremely loosely) fell apart. Only a month or two ago I made a statement along the lines of “the ‘community’ needs something new to argue about”. I believed, and still believe, that it is useful for a ‘community’ to have differences of opinion in order to have something to say. When people have something to say, that is when videos pop up from all directions. Nothing to say often equates to the worst art. Anyway… it didn’t happen, or at least not in the way I intended. I never really considered myself part of the community I’m referencing. I haven’t touched a guitar in months!

      Unsubbing from the past and widening my scope has been a revelation. There are some outstanding shows out there. Truly excellent programmes that could almost be on TV. Of course, there would be no demand… hence the joy of a website like YouTube. I only hope I can maintain my new positive outlook.

  4. I seem to be out of helpful thoughts. I’m kinda wondering what that individual thinks “content with value” is. Mercury videos were lot of fun to watch and unexpected way to interesting music for me (just in case I haven’t make that clear).

    I’ve just watched latest Warlok’s video, he’s planning to bring TW up again… I originaly thought that big solid umbrela would be enough for the recent shitshow, now I’m looking for hazmat suit.

    1. I agree that the current wave of shyte has really dampened my enthusiasm to produce content, but having said that, those that have commented on my recent output really seem to appreciate the fact it’s ‘pollitics-free’ and just entertainment for the sake of it. In the process I’ve also dumped a few old channels I followed. and found some very decent new ones.
      I hope you carry on doing what you do, but definirtely understand your feelings right now.
      Keep up the good work, somebody has to !
      Cheers, Rob

      1. I will carry on doing what I do for as long as I enjoy it. I could do without the ‘advice’ (via sock accounts) from people whose egos are out of control – and I know exactly who they are. But, having stepped away from that initial ‘community’ hopefully I’ll find a whole new bunch of problems! Ha ha! Cheers for reading mate! You’re a good ‘un. 🙂

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