So… 2017. Hmmm…

First things first. Happy New Year!


I recorded a really long video last night intended for YouTube. I drank a bottle of (admittedly superb) red wine and then followed it up with a LOT of fireball Jack Daniels. I got so drunk that I forgot to eat my dinner which I had cooked. I then don’t remember anything else until waking up at 4:30 am. I therefore completely missed the new year! Ha ha!


I spoke about soooo much in that video. I even edited it whilst drunk and it does still exist. But I think, in hindsight, getting drunk and filming is mostly a completely bad idea! Still, I’ll skim over some of the things I spoke about.

I talked about how I am content with the fact that my channel is a small channel. I cannot compete with the big boys. No matter what I do I just can’t shift gears. I can’t make that leap.

Also, it became obvious over the course of 2016 that my big production efforts are not truly worthy of the time they take to make. Whether it be Star Trek, Mercury reviews, album reviews, studio advice or hair product reviews (?!?)… it is clear that an hour of work for every view garnered cannot be justified. A shame. But true. Not saying that I will not do anymore… just that I have to consider my options.

My best performing new video of 2016 shows just how screwed the effort vs reward system is. I listened to the new Rolling Stones album and did a quick 6 minute piece to camera and that video currently stands at about 2500 views. Fine. I should be happy. I am happy. But it is mystifying.

I intend to put out a new song approximately every month of 2017. In this way I’ll basically have an album’s worth of material by the end of the year. I was hoping some of you might like to try and do some visuals for those songs? Like music videos? And then, at the end, I can string all the videos together so I have a visual album—Beyoncé or The Wall stylee. If you want to join in then let me know and I’ll send you a song. You can do whatever you like with it. Surprise me.

Toward the end of the year I did my first Let’s Play of a game called Inside. I enjoyed the experience and, to be honest, recording my progress through a game became a reason to play said game. I have considered myself a gamer over the course of my life, but, in the last decade or so, I barely touch games. So, perhaps I will do more playthroughs. I know it’s a contentious subject. I have noticed a lot of characters on YouTube making let’s play videos and I’m pretty sure it’s purely for views. Which leads me to my next subject.

My channel is me. Therefore anything that I do can be considered fair game. And I have decided that 2017 is going to be a year where I do what I enjoy. If I enjoy something then maybe someone else will. And, if even one person strongly enjoys something that I do, then maybe it is worth my effort (unless it takes me 100 man hours to put together). I have spent so long trying to compete with channels that have producers and sets and editors and money money money. But… if Fishy Paw, for example, is inspired to play a game because of one of my videos… then maybe that whole enterprise was not a waste of time? Tricky, because it keeps tying in with what I was saying about YouTube taking up large chunks of my time. And time is one of the most valuable commodities we possess. This isn’t violins at dawn… it’s simply me thinking out aloud.

I want to play more guitar, complete more music, listen to more albums, watch more films and play more games. That might mean less videos. But I’m not Pewdiepie and likely no-one will notice and no-one will care! Ha ha! It might even mean more videos? Lots of short, simple videos?

Let me know any thoughts you have about what I’ve written. Oh, and I intend to write more on this site in future. I got a bit pre-occupied with YouTube. I apologise!


  1. What you have written hits a chord with me, I think you can understand it when I say that in many ways Youtube is not worthy of the investment it takes to produce the type of material one would like. Perhaps it all boils down to the motives one has for taking part. Like most I have been nowhere near the computer over Christmas, I do not use any of my mobile devices for such things and in truth I have not missed it much. It has crossed my mind how to continue with it, I have a few interesting diversions in mind. I am happy to hear that you intend to write more here I enjoy reading your articles and it feels easier to reply using this format. I would love to contribute towards your visual album, just let me know and I am sure I could come up with something. Happy new year Mr6! : )

    1. The sad fact is that producing YouTube videos is ‘definitely’ not worth the effort. Not if you are wanting recognition for that effort. However, I have found that it can spur me on to accomplish things. For instance, I have just finished a game, my first finished game of 2017. I only played and finished two games last year, Doom and Inside. And in the years prior to that, almost zero. But here we are, 7 January, and I’ve already finished a game. The reason I didn’t abandon it is probably the fact that I was recording it for my channel. In fact, let’s not kid myself here, the reason I played it ‘at all’ was to create ‘content’ for my channel. I’m not sure anyone will watch said content, but the process itself caused me to experience that game. And it was certainly an experience! Ha ha!

      I would love for you to produce some kind of visuals/music video for one of my songs. That would make my life! I could throw a couple of songs at you and you could decide if any of them are something you would like to work on?

      1. You have an uncanny way of putting things into perspective which is both enlightening and refreshing! I have been thinking about making a few music videos this year and I would be very happy to have a go at making a music video for one of your songs : )

  2. I like your videos. You’re one of favorite channels. But I get what you are saying. I get the impression you are an honestly good dude. So I hope you keep it, but I get it if don’t. It’s tough watching a lot of YT now a days for me. Happy New Years and best wishes.

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