Breaking the new ethos immediately!

Decided to play a new game over the last couple of days. I feel this is a worthwhile use of my time… art you see. Music… art. Film… art. Games… art. Art… ummm… art. I thought I’d video my progress again. Two birds with one stone. What did I accomplish today? I played a game AND got some footage for a new Let’s Play video. Except… the screen capture failed to record. I therefore have a solid hour or so of footage of me referencing… absolutely nothing. And, what makes it worse was that I was on fire! Never been so funny! Ha ha! And, it stopped recording right in the middle of the story. Therefore, if I’m to carry on with this project, I’m going to have to insert plot cards like they did when they restored Metropolis. Is my YouTube work as great as Metropolis? Hell, maybe! Ha ha!


  1. I know your pain, Number Six! I have before recorded many hours of footage, only to find the audio is b0rked 🙁 I managed to bodge recording my latest footage by videoing the TV screen lol and have invested in a cheap PVR thingamygadget from the Far East, courtesy of eBay 🤓 Alas I am never on fire with computer games because I’m utterly sh*t at them, thank goodness for instant save. I’ve got some old classics I used to play on PC back in the day to play again on GameCube and Nintendo Wii, mostly because my gaming PC is long since dead. I am really enjoying your new direction in content, our channels are our own, so let’s just do stuff. After all, isn’t that what You Tube is supposed to be about?

    1. Agreed. I think if you’re just one person, not a team, then your ‘content’ is simply whatever you choose to do. It’s not like I have ‘guitar’ or ‘studio’ in my title. I am Mercurial by name, mercurial by nature.

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