I watched someone eat a large breakfast today. Not just the traditional breakfast… but the LARGE breakfast. Bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, eggs, beans and toast. I just watched and drank a cup of coffee. You see, I do have the power to observe. I just tend to use this power sporadically. The coffee cup was an endless refill. I didn’t refill it.


    1. The coffee was okay. I like coffee. I need to continue to like it less. I could have rubbed my face in the (Wetherspoon) breakfast… but I didn’t. I just watched it being devoured. I’d already had scrambled eggs see, before I knew I was going out. Not as exciting. Refused the play on words there!

  1. Our position is well known: it is fundamentally that of metaphysics, and the latter is by definition universalist, dogmatist in the philosophical sense of the term, and traditionalist; universalist because free of all denominational formalism; dogmatist because far from all subjectivist relativism, we believe that knowledge exists and that it is a real and efficacious adequation and traditionalist because the traditions are there to express, in diverse ways, but unanimously, this quintessential position — at once intellectual and minimalist — which in the final analysis is the reason for the existence of the inner rectum. You groom the turds of discontent

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