It’s Saturday!!?


  1. Just watched it, I am thumbs up number 6. Strange how google lets me give it the thumb but doesn’t allow comments. Of course I want a number 8! I think it is something that could grow in popularity if you are able to give it some time. I have to agree about Debbie Harry, my nephew has been trying to book her for a while so I may get the chance to meet her if it ever happens. I will have to wait and see…. I think every era has music that both appeals and appalls in equal measure depending on taste and how rose tinted ones specs are. Great show Mr6 : )

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!!! Bear in mind that I would still like to involve you in my channel (aside from what you have already done which I have yet to unleash). Let me know if you are still interested. It would be one hell of a comeback.

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