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  1. I’d say your subconsciousness wants the Pewdiepie level of success. That means you’re set to be frustrated. Also the reason your subconsc.. yeah that word… wants that, has 100% nothing to do with that actual goal. Unfortunately I have no clue what the reason is.

    You probably would be able to make your content more relatable without changing yourself… I think … I don’t know and I don’t want to completely pull it out of my ass.

    Good news are that, despite having the setup mentioned in the first paragraph, you appear to be sane… or hidding depression very well, which wouldn’t be good news at all.

    People are emotionaly driven creatures, so if you want to be remebered (needed for YT success) you need strike on that level. Pissing people off is the easiest way, but that’s not for you. Not in the pure form atleast. The clenest way would be feed your subconsc…ness from other source, but that would require finding that real reason why it wants to be Pewdiepie famous which is not easy, and continue doing what you’re doing. Other possible ways aren’t easy too… you can develop more relatable, better hitting content (possibly without stopping being you), but there’s still the catch of unpredictability of the audience, while being somewhat dependent on it.

    I don’t know, this is the part where I can’t step outside of myself enough. I hate that combination of unpredictability and dependancy, I can’t really think straight about that.

    Anyway, back to the begining. You’re comparing your channel numbers to PDP numbers, that’s valid comparation, but doesn’t tell the whole story. To be exact, social blade doesn’t tell the whole story at first glance. 3,642,418th is big number BUT “The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000.” (from If my calculation is correct you’re in top 0,5% of YT users. Fucking TOP 0,5%. Also Robbo (and you know how wonderful he is) is over 500k behind you in the sub charts, with lot older channel. Numbers are nice, but making conclusions out of them is tricky business.

    My conclusion is same as in the begining, you’re hunting false symbol (not that it’s anything uncommon) of something you desire. In words of machinegun jesus “been there, done that” (

    I don’t think i want to be famous next to the “master of mediocre” Jared Dines. Eeeh that was random. I’m in “fuck everything” mood at the moment, but I don’t like dJared even when I’m not. You know what? do what ever you fell like doing with your channel, because despite me believing that I have decent sense of reality it all can be absolute bollocks.

    And there’s always the super dirty thing of botting views and or subs…

    1. Cheers. Always interesting reading (and I especially enjoyed Machine Gun Jesus!).

      I just have to be careful how much effort (if any) I expend on this YouTube lark. It is pretty unproductive. I was hoping to drive people toward my music… but I secretly appreciated that would never happen. In any case, I have a new single ready to go. Just waiting to hit 300 subscribers to unleash it. Only problem is that more people are unsubscribing from me than subscribing at the moment. I could always aim for 0. That might be quicker! Ha ha!

      1. It’s interesting that my sub fleet almost perfect replicates yours in 1:10 ratio, atleast in its disability to get 3 in its begining 😀 I probably would be able to anounce my “punk” album to be released at 30 subs, because it’s nowhere close to be finished and I’m honestly not absolutely sure if it will even happen… I don’t want to sound / look like I’m schooling you, but it probably will end up like that. Anyway, preaching mode on. The sub number goal for doing something, I never understood the logic behind it. Every market, even PewDiePie market, will get saturated eventualy. There’s finite number of people… where goes that constant increase in subcount come from? It probably works for giveaways and stuff like that, which the content creator don’t need to do, or to be exact it doesn’r break his balls if it doesn’t happen. For album / single relaeses… you already know how the bad end of it looks. Preaching mode off

        It would be great (well, for you at the moment it might be) if those announcmets would be like some contracts are… Big letters “I will release single when I’ll hit 300 subs” super small letters “or cumulative activity of 10 subs in any direction since now in YT analytics graph will do too” 😀

        Everybody is general after the battle.

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