A discussion of the new TEHI album.


  1. I heard about half of the album the other night, on the bandcamp player which I know deosn’t stream at best quality..it sounded good but I knew there was more there. I bought it today and listened in FLAC mode and mp3 320 and it sounded fantastic. All the depth and sparkle that’s hinted at on the bandcamp player is there, and then some. I love the use of recurring themes, sometimes at the forefront and sometimes subtely hidden away, I love the use of the percussion tracks, sometimes as percussion and sometimes as melodic sequences. I don’t really have much of a modern frame of reference for the style of this album, but I was certainly getting memories of Peter Gabriel’s 3rd album, which is no bad thing as I used to be obsessed with that record.
    The vocals work perfectly, lyrics delivered so they sound real and honest while everything else is happening on a grand scale around them.
    A hell of a piece of work.

  2. Most welcome. I’m really looking forward to discovering more of it the more I play it.. I’m hearing some things , parts of the arrangements, some are throwing up memories of growing something from a similar seed, while others are brand new ideas to me, and for me , that’s always bloody awesome when that happens.

  3. After listening to this album I have gone ahead and purchased it and have to say it is the sort of thing that is best listened to in its entirety. For me it has a cinematic feel, a real soundscape and although I do enjoy really simplistic stuff and make no excuse for that, I also enjoy music that has some depth which this certainly does. There is a place and time for everything. The first time I listened to this I was creating some of the assets for my little series of videos “Jack is Back” and it was quite odd how the feel of the music and even some of the lyrics feed my imagination. Is that what art does, feeds the imagination and inspires, evokes emotion. I think so, I think it does not matter how simple or complex it is so long as we connect and feel something. I am sure that different listeners hear different things and interpret them in different ways and I think this piece of music is very open to interpretation even if it was intended to be quite specific. I am not really the type of person who catalogues everything and makes comparisons, I simply look, listen and experience without trying to hard to justify what I like or dislike, maybe I am quite simple that way. Great Album Mr Six that I will listen to many times and enjoy for a long time. Thank you : )

    1. You’ve made a good point. This album has a very specific purpose but that doesn’t mean it ‘has’ to conjure images of jungles and blood. Thank you for listening and thank you for the encouraging words. You know as well as I do that making music is often a thankless task! I am proud of this album. I think I got it to sound ‘just right’. 🙂

      1. It’s a pleasure sir, so many tasks are thankless but when it is an artistic endeavour things may feel a little more personal. You should be very proud indeed : )

  4. Dear Merc # 6,
    Why cool album. About half way through your movie too. I got the impression your name really isn’t Mercurial # 6!! WTF man? LOL. Great concept. I love Apocalypse Now. Classic epic move.
    Well you album is deep needs to listen to a few times, more than a few times. I will buy it too, I promise. I need to get my daughter to do that for me. I am strictly forbidden to make online purchase by my family. I once made a major error… another story for another day.

    Peace out man. Good stuff.

  5. Hi Mr 6, I’m a long time fan and have been watching when there were only about a couple of a hundred of us and you were talking about guitar sounds and that sort of nerd shit. Great to see how popular you’ve become recently, (of course it would happen). I just want to know what happened to this video and your other videos about your own music? I loved your TEHI album and when you sat and talked through it and now I can’t find it anywhere. It was inspiring content. Just curious though.

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