‘Album wrap’ drinks party!


  1. Eeh I already forgot most of what I wanted to comment and I don’t want to watch it again now…

    M6, how tall are you?

    If you asked me Metallica or Megadeth, my answer would be Slayer.

    I have suspicion that TEHI might be similar to LARD (Al jourgensen + Jello Biafra), in the sense that in previous century I bought Pure Chewing Satisfaction (their last LP so far) and kind of didn’t get it, but for some unknown reason, after discovering Dead Kennedys, first LARD’s LP and some Ministry songs, suddenly Pure Chewing Satisfaction made total sense and I fell in love with it. So I’m kind of expecting… expecting might be not the best word… So far the epicness of TOWOIT is a bit lost on me, but I wouldn’t be surprised much if it will connect when I get through school pre M6 albums… or when I’ll stop being unfocused mess as I sadi before.

    Thanks for compliment.

    Vojta Shmootik – ExplosiveNotes – Liquid 8 (just testing if I like it)

    1. Just remember, you are perfectly entitled to hate any or all of my music! I dislike a lot of stuff that others think is wonderful. That’s life. If I can still entertain you along the way then I have succeeded! Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the reminder and you continue to succeeding (eeeh, that’s not english)… continue to succeed (that looks better). You managed to make me curious about your music. It haven’t been love on the first sight, but lot of music I greatly enjoy wasn’t. I had major alergy to blast beats at one point of my life, but now I love napalm death. Even Slayer is something I heard at one point, didn’t care much about, but later found myself wanting more more more more. It’s probably best described that I’m waiting for my opinion to develop when it comes especialy to The only Way out is through.

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